If you are a college student, you have already taken many tests throughout the course of your academic life. This gives you the advantage of experience, but beware, college tests demand much more and may take you by surprise if you are not ready. As an online tutoring guru and a postgraduate, I completed college with my own set of principles, which I now provide to others. They definitely helped me, and I hope they help you too, but remember that everyone learns differently, and it is up to you to see which methods work best for you.

1. Reviewing Your Class Notes

Your class notes are usually more important than set texts or other content related to your course. They establish the scope of the course, and as such the tests will rarely examine you on anything outside the scope of your class work. This does not mean you should rely solely on your class notes, but they should certainly serve as the backbone for your revision.

When reviewing your class notes, highlight the key points and work around them. This includes core concepts, ideas, and examples that help to explain them. Your lecturers and tutors will help you understand which topics are most important for the course, and you should test yourself on them extensively. Prioritize the topics with respect to your understanding of them, and allot your time accordingly.

How to Get Prepared for a Test in College

2. Find the Right Place to Study

Having a regular study location is important for focus and long-term concentration, so do a little hunting around campus for that perfect place to study. Once you have found it, you should stick to that location for your study – I don’t know exactly why using the same place helped me to concentrate so well, but my major wasn’t psychology and all that matters is that it worked!
I would always argue with my friends on the best way to study and revise. Are long, intense study sessions better, or is the ‘short and frequent’ method the best? I would argue that it all depends on the student, and as long as you study intelligently it shouldn’t matter too much, but whichever method you prefer you should always take a short break each hour.

How to Get Prepared for a Test in College

3. Practice Papers

Practice examinations are the best way to gauge how well you will perform in the real test, but there is a right way to use them and a wrong way to use them. You should NOT use them to learn the course, and you should NOT rely on them as your sole source of practice questions. Textbook and lecture course questions are the best place to start testing yourself.

You should begin using practice papers ‘open book’ style, and as you get better you should start testing yourself under exam conditions. Most students don’t have the discipline to do this, and these students deserve the poor marks they get. Remember, if you cannot answer examination-style questions without help from your course notes, you are not ready for the test.

4. Use All Types of Content

You should never ever rely on only one type of content format to learn and revise. The brain has the potential to learn, understand and remember in lots of different ways, so why would you rely on just a book to learn, understand and remember? For every course and subject there will no doubt be a wealth a videos, online tutoring sites, interactive applications and audio files. Videos and audio are absolutely brilliant for learning while you are commuting, exercising.

Also, in this article I want to tell you about basic exams at the different colleagues.

As we know, there are a few different college entrance exams that can be taken to enter a college. Each is slightly different and there are different reasons that each one would be taken. Where a person is at in their education will determine which test is needed.

SAT exam

SAT exams cover math, vocabulary and reading. This exam is needed to enter college.

Registration for the SAT exams can be done online, through the mail or by phone.

A practice test can be downloaded. You will receive your score and a report of which areas need improvement and which areas you did well in. There will be an explanation included of the questions on the practice exam. Included are other student essays and an explanation as well. The reading section has 19 sentence completion questions and 48 passage reading questions. You will receive 25 minutes for two of the sections and 20 minutes for the other section. The writing section has 18 sentence error questions, 25 improving sentences questions, 6 improving paragraphs questions and 1 essay question. You will receive 25 minutes in two of the sections and 10 minutes in one of the other sections. The math section has 44 multiple choice questions and 10 grid-in questions. You will receive 25 minutes in two of the sections and 20 minutes in the other section.

Here you can download some free samples and take some practice Free Printable SAT Tests.

ACT exam

ACT exams cover English, math, reading and science. There is also an optional writing section too. This exam is needed to enter college
There are 12 separate scores. There is a composite, four scores based on subject and 7 sub scores too. The composite score is a scaled score and it ranges between 1 and 36. The writing score can be between 2 and 12. The English and other writing scores can be between 1 and 36. There will be comments included about the writing. Registration for the test can be completed by phone or the school’s counseling office. A sample test is available. Answers are given at the end, along with an explanation to prepare for the actual test.

Types of questions

  • The English section has 75 multiple choice questions.
  • The mechanics and usage section has 40 questions.
  • The rhetorical section has 35 questions.
  • The math section has 60 multiple choice questions.
  • The pre-algerbra section has 14 questions.
  • Elementary algebra section has 10 questions.
  • Intermediate algebra consists of 9 questions.
  • Geometry has 9 questions.
  • Plane geometry has 14 questions.
  • There is a trigonometry section that has 4 questions.
  • The reading section has 40 multiple choice questions.
  • Prose fiction has 10 questions.
  • Humanities has 10 questions.
  • Natural Science has 10 questions.
  • Social Studies has 10 questions.
  • Science has 40 multiple choice questions. These questions do include biology, earth, chemistry and physics.
  • Data representation has 15 questions.
  • Research Summary has 18 questions.
  • Conflicting Viewpoints has 7 questions.

TOEFL exam

TOEFL exams are for people that are not native speakers of the English language to comprehension of the language to enter college.

This exam is needed for students looking to study in the US. The test dates vary from location to location. Registration can be done by phone, online or through the mail. There are different fees associated with test. You will want to check into these to make sure you pay for the correct exams to be taken. A practice exam is available to take to prepare. There is a reading section with 36-70 multiple choice questions and 60-100 minutes is allowed for completion. The listening section of 34-51 multiple choice questions and 60-100 minutes is allowed for completion. The speaking section has 6 tasks and 20 minutes is allowed for completion. The writing section has 6 tasks and 20 minutes for completion.

Here is an official website about TOEFL, where you can find everything what you need.

GMAT exam

GMAT exams are for graduates entering into a business Masters. The GMAT covers verbal skills, math and writing skills.

Registration for the exam is available online, by phone, through the mail or by fax. There are two analytical writing sections, 30 minutes are given for each. There is a 75-minute verbal exam.

There is a 75-minute quantitative math exam. GRE exams are for graduates entering into a Masters. The exam covers verbal, math and analytical skills. Registration can be completed by phone or online.

Time limits

  • There is a 30 minute verbal section.
  • There is a 45 minute math section.
  • There is a 60 minute analytical section.
  • There are two writing sections. One is 45 minutes long and the other is 30 minutes long.

LSAT exams are for graduates entering into a law Masters. This exam only happens 4 times a year. It will include critical reading, verbal reasoning and analytical thinking.

Registration can be done online or by phone. There are fees associated with this exam. Check to ensure you pay the correct amounts. Test locations are usually done at colleges and universities. There are 24-26 argument based multiple choice questions and 35 minutes is given for completion. There is a second argument based multiple choice section with 24-26 questions and 35 minutes allowed for completion. There are 26-28 logic games passages that are multiple choice and 35 minutes is given for completion. There will be another section that will be either reading comprehension, logic reasoning or logic games. There are 24-28 questions in this section and 35 minutes is given for completion.